Former Commercial Dry Cleaning Facility

This Manhattan-based client called on Brookside’s expertise for the removal of hazardous tanks, soil, rock, and contaminated liquids, as well as the implementation and maintenance of a complex dewatering system. Our licensed professionals worked together to transform this rundown, former dry cleaning facility into a fresh environment, ready for resale and new occupancy.

Services Provided:

  • Cleaned and removed four 1,000 gallon perchloroethylene tanks, and 21 other various tanks
  • Classified, transported and disposed of:
    • 12,750 yards of rock
    • 345 tons of hazardous soil
    • 6,758 tons of petroleum contaminated soil
    • 1,818 tons of non-hazardous solvent contaminated soil
    • 10,000+ gallons of solvent and petroleum contaminated liquids 100+ drums
  • Designed, maintained, and operated a dewatering system including:
    • Groundwater pumps
    • 4,000-gallon weir tank
    • two 1,000 pound carbon vessels
    • four 200 gpm bag filters