Remediation of Former Power Plant

The need for comprehensive remediation services was apparent when this former power plant first contracted with Brookside. The complete scope of work included the proper removal of hazardous underground storage tanks and steel foundation piles, as well as the excavation and disposal of contaminated soil and debris. Brookside provided an outstandinglabor force to ensure dependable and timely service during this sizeable, two-phase project.

Services Provided:

  • Excavated, cleaned and properly removed nine underground storage tanks containing gas, oil, and waste oil
  • Removed and disposed of over 300 concrete-filled, steel foundation piles ranging in size from 12″- 16″ diameter, 8-20′ deep
  • Excavated, transported and disposed of over 10,000 tons of contaminated soil
  • Backfilled and disposed of creosote piles, concrete, and demolition debris